IMDHA Hypno Expo 2014

Attention hypnosis and complementary healthcare professionals of all persuasions!

I want take this opportunity to invite you to attend the hypnosis event of the year. The IACT and IMDHA Hypno Expo 2014 - a complementary healthcare extravaganza.

This is not your typical hypnosis get-together. It’s a culmination of the finest, hand-picked presenters around the world. Simply the best team of high performance trainers, coaches, educators, scientists and hypnosis practitioners from all corners of the globe - offering the most innovative, educational opportunities anywhere. The energy promises to be electrifying!!!

This year’s seminars and workshops cover every aspect of hypnotic application – specialized programs, clinical hypnosis procedures and proven methods to marketing your business. All focusing on the development of practical skills from real-world application and making you the very best you can be.

Hypno Expo 2014 is a great place to interact with other hypnosis and complementary healthcare professionals. It’s the perfect forum to network – and more importantly to learn skills to help you be an even more effective practitioner. And, if you’re new to the field or simply want to learn the best change techniques for personal growth, you’ll gain more knowledge and know-how in this one event than most people acquire in years! With a line-up of extraordinary trainings, there’s no doubt that you’ll learn a great deal – but, you’ll also have a lot of fun! The Friday and Saturday activities are sure to bring a smile to your face and joy to your spirit.

The IACT and IMDHA healthcare extravaganza will be held at the magnificent Daytona Beach Resort and Conference Center. So, you’ll also have an opportunity to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. Perhaps even go for a swim in the waters of world-famous Daytona Beach. You’re sure to come home invigorated and recharged.

If you’re like me - you’d like to hear some testimonials about an event. So watch this Video for a series of them from previous expo attendees.

Of course, nothing can actually take the place of being there at the live event, but if you really can’t make the trip, here’s some great news! This year, IACT and IMDHA are again at the forefront of innovation, by offering you the opportunity to attend the conference in the privacy of your home with a Virtual Conference. Streaming live - you’ll be there in real-time, right when the action is happening.

So contact the IACT and the IMDHA today and Register for the hypnosis event of the year.

Thank you… Hope to see you there… Margaret Arthur