Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Hypnotic Solutions has a proven weight loss method:

Our techniques have been refined from years of positive results. You will learn to use Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques in order to achieve the weight loss you desire. These sessions will help you approach food and dieting with a positive attitude, and look forward to exercise. The end result is weight loss through lifestyle change using hypnosis and EFT to change the subconscious mind and make life style changes that last for the rest of your life.

Our weight management program takes a multi-session approach:

Session 1: This session is three hours long. It serves as an introduction to and initial application of EFT. Hypnosis will be used to establish control over emotional eating, and to alleviate sugar and simple carbohydrate cravings. You will start seeing results after the very first session.

Sessions 2-4: Sessions begin by reviewing and reinforcing positive progress made. An EFT refresher course can be included as well, if needed. These sessions are tailored to your progress. Possible hypnosis programs for sessions 2-4 are:

  • Exercise Motivation and Enjoyment
  • Emotional Detoxification
  • Making Change Possible
  • Parts Therapy

Please Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about our weight loss program, and to set up your appointment.