Hypnotic Solutions

Hypnotic Solutions

Hypnotic Solutions is a provider of medical hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and EFT – serving the greater Cincinnati, Ohio region for over a decade. Hypnotic Solutions has the experience to offer customized sessions to provide effective solutions to life’s problems.


Margaret Arthur

Hypnotherapist Margaret Arthur
Margaret Arthur, registered nurse and certified hypnotherapist, graduate of Northern Kentucky University, has 31 years of nursing experience and has been practicing Medical Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in her Springdale office since 2002.
Margaret is owner and founder of Hypnotic Solutions in Cincinnati and is a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist through the IMDHA and Advanced Certificate EFT Practitioner. She also holds hypnosis certificates in pain management and medical hypnotherapy. In addition to her work at Hypnotic Solutions, Margaret works as a rehab nurse at an area hospital.


Client Testimonials

“I have never been this relaxed before!”
“I don’t want to get up”
“This is better than a day at the spa!”